Wednesday, August 3, 2011

URGENT - Suggested Progressive List of Super Debt Committee Members

Suggested Progressive Appointees to the about-to-be-created Joint Committee on Economic Disaster.


      Norm Dicks is ranking members; voted FOR the Debt package
      Sam Farr – voted AGAINST Debt package     YES

Ways and Means
     Sander Levin – rank member; voted FOR package;  NO
     John Lewis – oversight subcomittee, voted AGAINST – will he stand up to Obama?

    Chris van Hollen    NO

Health Employement Labor and Pensions
     Rob Andrews         NO

Financial Services
     Barney Frank – Voted AGAINST after stating that morning he would support Debt package;
     Michael Capuano – Oversight subcommittee ranking member, Voted AGAINST ; a solid progressive   YES

Energy & Commerce
     Henry Waxman – voted AGAINST debt package; a great progressive  YES

Oversight and Govt reform
    Dennis Kucinich, rank member of Regulatory Affairs, Stimulus Oversight and Govt Spending subcommittee;  Voted AGAINST         YES    YES   YES            


     Leahy    - both voted FOR Debt package’ neither will stand up to Obama

    Tom Harkin – voted AGAINST- knew him in the House many years ago, a great progressive;    
               does he still have the fight?       YES
     Barbara Mikulski – voted FOR the package
     Frank Lautenberg – Voted AGAINST; also member of Financial Services Committee
     Dick Durbin – voted FOR debt package and Simpson Bowles; gone over to the Dark Side  
    Chuck Schumer     NO

Banking Housing and Urban Affairs   
            Robert Menendez; voted AGAINST debt package, 2012 re-election; will he fight?
            Jeff Merkley – Voted AGAINST; best new Senator     YES

            Kent Conrad    NO
           Bernie Sanders    YES YES YES YES
           Jeff Merkley     YES

            Baucus      NO
            Menendez      YES
Joint Economic Committee

            Maurice Hinchey, a great progressive; knew him years ago in NY State Legislature,
                   missed vote    YES
            Other members Cummings, Maloney, Loretta Sanchez may not stand up to Obama

            Bob  Casey   Chair     NO
            Bernie  Sanders    YES

We Can Do This

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