Thursday, July 7, 2011

Senate Resolution on Millionaire Contribution to Debt Ceiling

On July 7th, the Senate voted 74 - 22 in support of a non-binding Sense of the Senate Resolution  (S 1323) that any deficit reduction deal should require that Millionaires make a 'more meaningful' contribution to resolve the country's debt ceiling dilemma.   It doesn't take a  political savant to understand that since the majority of Senators voting in the affirmative are Millionaires first, the reality is that any revenue-enhancing cut to Millionaire taxes will not be a 50-50 split or come close to the more dire cuts to entitlements and other social safety net programs.

When Majority Leader Reid announced he would 'force' R's to vote on tax cuts for Millionaires, Republicans like Sen. Kyl, DeMint and Inhof took the bait and joined Democrats confirming that the subject at-hand is little more than an insignificant symbolic vote.  As Obama continues to play with cuts to entitlement programs, once foundations of the Democratic Party, it would  have been naive to expect that a real "more meaningful' contribution would be part of the 'shared sacrifice." .

See Open Secrets for Congressional Wealth: 

The 22 votes against the Resolution included one Democrat (Sen. Ben Nelson, Nebraska) voting with the following Republicans:

Ayotte, NH                                                          Inhof, Ok     
Blunt, Mo                                                            Isakson, Ga
Boozman, Ar                                                       Johnson,Wisc 
Brasso, Wyo                                                       Lee, Utah
Chambliss, Ga.                                                    Paul, Ky.
Coburn, OK                                                        Portman,Ohio
Crapo, Idaho                                                      Risch, Idaho
DeMint, SC                                                        Rubio, Fl.
Enzi, Wyo                                                           Toomey, Pa.
Hatch, Utah                                                         Wicker, Ms. 
Heller, Nev                                                           .

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GefilteBacon said...

It's a shame so few Senators are willing to stand up for the voiceless corporate jet owners and hedge fund managers who create the jobs and wealth of this great nation (especially the hedge fund managers).

But you can hardly blame the GOP for opposing tax increases, what with Grover Norquist standing in the alley with his anti-tax pledge, waiting to put a beat-down on any infidels.

Perhaps we need a pledge to protect everyone else….